Kershaw 3830X Injection 3.5 Black

Kershaw 3830X Injection 3.5 Black
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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon and check out the product page

Comments from a previous sale

I own quite a few USA made and China made Kershaws. The injection 3.5 is one of my favorites. Nice clean design. Really nice looking pivot screw and thumb studs. I’d take this knife over my Skyline any day.

For anybody wondering in VA: I just spoke with my local LEO office and was informed that any pocket knife with a blade 12" or less is totally legal.

Excluding a Balisong.

Bought this from woot and it is my favorite for daily carry. Crazy sharp, great feel in hand and the perfect weight.
The only complaint I have is the blade tends to open on its own while using the belt clip due to the thumb stud for quick opening. I opened up a finger to the bone like this.
If only the clip faced the other way.

You might want to clip to your pocket instead. Being tip up, this would be good for your right pocket so that the blade faces the seam of the pocket and will never open on you.

I own this knife - it is my favorite. Even though it is China made, the steel is good, the blade shape works very well and it is very sharp. The handle feels great and offers good grip. I can actually flick this knife open with more force than my assisted-open (SpeedSafe) Kershaws.

I recommend this knife and I am going to buy a few more right now (one more for me and two additional to put away for future gifts to family/friends).

It’s honestly a great knife, especially for the money.

How large is the thumb stud? I have the smith and Wesson swat and that is the perfect size stud for my thumb. Thanks for any info.

Do you have a picture of the pocket for the 12" blade?

I grabbed this knife last summer here on sport.woot and have EDC’d it every day since. Favorite knife I’ve ever owned.