Kershaw Assisted Opening Knives, Set of 2

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Kershaw Assisted Opening Knives, Set of 2
Price: $21.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 27 to Tuesday, Feb 28) + transit
Condition: New


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Looks like about a 5 dollar price break from Amazon!

Yeah, but $5 shipping on woot makes it the same?

Guess they are different, you linked the 1322 not the 1320, the blades look different and different color too, not sure if the 1322 is a step up? 1320s are on amazon at $24ish each, but not many reviews…

OK. Hi, I’m Jim, and I’m a knife-a-holic. I buy them when I have the money even though I should spend it on the mortgage.
I have primarily Benchmade: a Volli, a Mini-Griptilian, an Infidel (out the front, automatic, double edged, kids don’t try this at home), an automatic Adamas, an automatic Mini-Stimulus, (yes, as a matter of fact, I am licensed * to carry automatic knives*), a Zero Tolerance Zebra Onion like Gibbs carries on NCIS and a couple of crappy knives to leave around for absolute emergencies.
All of my knives are high carbon steel with at least a 59 hardness. The Adamas goes as high as 62 on the edge (built like a samurai blade, sort of).

AFTER SAYING ALL THAT, I WILL WARN YOU NOT TO BUY THESE KNIVES!! Quoting from GearJunkie on the NCr13mov steels:

I wrote a review on Amazon. These are probably worse than a pile of bear poo-poo. At least if you throw the poo-poo it would temporarily delay a perpetrator. If you try to pick up the poo-poo with these knives, anything with a 4CrMoV steel from our close friends in China (melted down wiring from the capacitors they burn?) the knife would bend and the blade would go dull.

Being a knife nut AND a gun nut … this is like considering whether to spend $25 on a BB gun when you are really shopping for a .22 or .380 pistol. These knives are pretty much worthless except as training tools for those who want to learn how to sharpen knives. You will be sharpening them after every time you make 3 or more cuts – it’s really chintzy steel. Look it up :
Knife Blade Common Steels at GearJunkie

Thank you for the helpful advice.

That’s a different set. The Blades, Steel, Wash, and Handles are all different than what we are offering.

Just my input on Kershaw’s Cust. Serv. I recently sent in a knife that I bought (very inexpensive), because the screw holes that hold the clip had worn larger. The clip fell off and I could not find it.

I called Kershaw, and I was told to ship it. Their policy is to fix it, and replace it with the same model or an equivalent if they no longer have in stock.

It took them almost 2 months to send it back. All they did was replace the clip on the opposite side (I left hand carry) and sharpened the blade. Now, the screw holes on the right side are getting worn and the clip is loose.

If I clearly stated that in my claim, that I left-hand carry - Why would Kershaw take the easy way out and just put the clip on the right side if that is not what the customer addressed.

Needless to say, I’m not impressed with Kershaw. I will stick CRKT, Benchmade, etc.

I collect knives as well and you’re exaggerating and over-dramatizing a lot. Yeah, they’re relatively soft but they’re not as bad as you’re making it.

Kershaw makes two kinds of knives - the good, edge holding kind; and the crappy but good looking kind.

Generally, you can tell how good the knife is by finding out where it was made. If it was made in China, think twice about wasting your money - because most of the Chinese-made knives often have bad steel that cannot hold an edge. Not ALL the Chinese knives are crap, just most of them. The only real way to know the difference is to learn which steels make the better blades - and doing that can take a while, because new steels are being developed fairly often(we just can’t find that one that works the best).