Kershaw Black Colt Lockback Knife

**Item: **Kershaw Black Colt Lockback Knife
Price: $12.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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so no assisted opening?

Decent knife for the price.

8Cr13MoV is decent steel but nothing special.

Loosen the pivot screw a bit with an allen or torx bit and you should be able to inertia open the blade with a flick of the wrist and maybe along with little help with your thumb.

Or you can buy an inexpensive, screw on thumb plate for easy, one-handed opening.

I bought a Kershaw here about a year ago in case I had my other knife stolen/lost. Been using it for 3 months love it. Mine cost a little more, but comes with one hand assisted opening.

If you buy this let me say I am impressed by the high quality of knife they put out. Also you can really sharpen them to a razor like edge! Be careful.

Bought a Gerber spring assist for a little less. Same Steal, but the assist is so good when on the farm.

Sorry, no assist, no deal.

Kershaw makes some nice knives. The “Buck folding hunter 110” style knives are not spring-assist.
I still have my first Buck 110, bought in '68. I lubed & worked it until it would spring open with a flick of the wrist. Bought that from Buck, in El Cajon, CA.
I must admit that I only carry spring-assist knives now, usually a Kershaw Leek or Blur. Good quality, and cheap enough to everyday and not worry about it.

Buyer just pulled the sample. No assisted opening.

One thing to note is that many Kershaw knives are still made in the USA but this one is not. I have an older Kershaw Damascus spring assist that I love (made in USA)…it’s been great. If these knives are built to the same standard of quality as the US made ones, it would be good but I’m unsure since it is made abroad…just wanted to make sure everyone knows this in case you’re a customer who prefers USA made products since Kershaw does make many of those at good prices (although a bit more than this knife). Have a great day!

I have a couple of the “China” Kershaw knives, and I have no issue with the build quality.
That being said, this knife is available from an Amazon seller for $1.55 more shipped - c’mon Woot!

It’s not bad at all for the price, but there are so many (decent quality) Chinese made Kershaws on Amazon for near enough to this price that IMO the larger decision is if you want this more bulky, yet more grippable handle style for only a 3" blade.

For most uses where you need a lot of grip you’d also want a longer blade, yet in some areas a longer blade is illegal (subject to interpretation).

Regarding the flipper action, no need to add a thumb stud or loosen it. Put a drop of light weight sewing machine/etc oil on the pivot and work with it for a while till it breaks in, then it will flip easily enough without extra play in the blade - although it is always possible any particular one might need a tiny adjustment but hold off on that till it’s seen some use.

There are tools on Youtube that try to impress with how fast they can flip it out, pretending they now have a switchblade.

In real world use it doesn’t matter if it opens at 60MPH in 8 milliseconds or 6MPH in 80ms. All that really matters is once it is broken in it is easy to flick it open one handed without looking at it or fiddling with it. It is not a combat knife and no $18 folder should be confused with one.

Heh, more often when I open my flipper I want it to open slower than it does because sometimes people give me strange looks for so quickly producing an open knife when it is needed, as if I might be a disgruntled postal employee or something lol.

I own this knife, and can attest to its durability. The Chinese Kershaw blades are not bad knives for the price.

This knife holds an edge well (better than most). And I don’t feel bad when I am a little rough on it. Sharpens right back up no problem.