Kershaw Brawler Knife



I bought one or two of these Brawlers last time they came around,
very nice knife for this price point.
I don’t understand why it’s $4-5 cheaper than what they put the rest of the Kersaws up for, it’s not a cheap knife in any way,
nice handles, nice blade, speed safe opening works great.

Only negative I could see is the blade is really thick.
But different knives for different jobs.
This was my work knife for a while until I got the Kersaw with a built in bit holder (#1920, I forget the tacti-cool name they gave that one)


Wife got me one off Amazon Lighting Deal. Like Kimbee4 said the Brawler is pretty nice for China imports.

Knife is heavy, I have a Benchmade Griptilian as my EDC that a buddy bought for my birthday, it is heavier than the Griptilian. That being said I have a fondness for the tanto style blade and given that Brawler is 1/6th the price I am going use the crap out of this brawler.


Does this lock open or closed?