Kershaw Camp Tool Trader Kit


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Kershaw Camp Tool Trader Kit
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I don’t get it. Make them use the same handle to save space, then put them in a big old plastic case.

Time to learn all about Kershaw

Well, if you gonna take 'em camping, better to have a case than a bag. Otherwise it would be stabbity-stab-stab with all those knives.

I bought a set of these many years ago for my dad. At that time it came in a roll up zippered pouch. There was one handle, a chef, filet, saw and paring blade. We still use it today. I like the idea of the case for an easy way to store. Was a great buy back then, and hoping he enjoys this upgrade as much.

Hey I have the old set also, for over 10 years.I found it to be very useful and love the Keshawn quality so much. They are very sharp. One of the knives did slice the roll up case and stick out causing me to use duct tape which got goopy after about a year. The hard case and the cutting board are great additions, especially for filleting trout.
I am in for one of these. I know I will love it and it will actually get used a lot around camp or at the beach

I also had this set many years ago…
It was working till I went through a watermelon and broke the handle. The replacement handle at that time $19.99 half the price that I paid for the set to begin with. So I trashed the set.

I have the Kershaw Blade Trader (set of kitchen/cooking knives) from over 20 years ago - they’re fantastic. I’ve been told that if I want to trade them in, the company will give me a comparable set, no charge. The only problem is that they want me to send my set to them…and I don’t want to give them up!

Yours didn’t come with the limited lifetime warranty … or the warranty didn’t cover this??

Who is Clayton Kershaw?

I need a quick clarification on the knife set. Did the camp knife set lose two games in the 2013 National League Championship Series?

As a retired chef, I have a thing for cool kitchen knives and utensils but I was a bit fuzzy on the characteristics of 420J2 stainless steel. I did a search and found a lot of info but this statement sums it up:
“420J2 is a low carbon stainless steel and also the lowest grade of cutlery class stainless steel that is available. It is quite tough and resistant to corrosion, however, it has low wear resistance and edge holding ability making it a poor choice for a blade steel.” AISI 420J2 Stainless - Knife Blade Steels FAQ

That being said, I checked and found an old, ornate carving/slicing knife in my collection that used 420J2 stainless steel. With a few runs on the diamond steel, it gets very sharp but just won’t hold the edge very long during use.

Although they should have included a honing steel, this particular set from Kershaw still oozes “cool” and might be perfect for tailgating.

I like this set but everyone seems to be describing sets they have had for many years. I am a little nervous about the quality of this set. Seems items made years ago are much better quality.

Thanks for the great info!

stabbity-stab-stab, I like that lol!

I’ve got a set of the older, Japanese-made Kershaw Kai Blade-Traders. I picked them up in a trade and thought they’d be fun. Well, they are! I keep them in the camper. They don’t take up much space, and they’re easy to wash in the little sink since it breaks down. They stay pretty sharp.

My other experience with Kershaw is a lockback called the Half-Ton that they sell. It’s Chinese and tough, but whereas I can get it arm-shaving sharp, it will not stay that way for long. Still, I think I’m going to buy this kit. No, I know I’m going to buy it. There’s just too much versatility wrapped up there, and it will be handy having three handles in the camper, along with all the other blades.

I’ll add another “had one of these for years” voice to the conversation. Actually I have two, and love them. The older rosewood handle 6-blade set with the plastic rollup case, and a newer 3-blade set with a rubberized handle.

For me, the larger set proved very useful for packing a kitchen-like ability to prepare food into a hand-length package. It’s not so much that it saves weight, that it saves having to find a way to pack sharp things that are long and unwieldy. By making the whole set shorter, and allowing me to roll up the blades between the handles, the set becomes safer and more portable.

If I were to buy this set, I’d toss the case and cutting board, and get a canvas tool rollup for it.

Also – the newer steel is more resistant to corrosion, but loses its edge quickly. If I were using this daily in a kitchen I’d complain. But for camping, hiking, or other mobile/rv usage, it’s perfect.

Why in the world would you not ship this to Wheatfield, NY, Zip Code 14304? We can shoot ducks and deer here, but Woot arbitrarily bans shipping kitchen knives so we can’t cut a steak?