Kershaw Clash Black

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Kershaw Clash Black
Price: $17.99
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8/24/2015 - $19.99 (Woot Plus)

Although the cheaper Kershaw knives are not made in the USA, this is probably a pretty good knife for those who want a part-serrated blade.
This is also great to toss in your glovebox or backpack!
I’ve liked all my Kershaws.

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Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

The 1605 clash is awesome! Just bought my 3rd (1st taken by TSA, 2nd on my pocket right now) opens very fast, and takes my everyday beating with ease!

I probably bought your knife. There is a vendor at our local gun and knife show that buys knives from the TSA in bulk for resale.

I have to ask… did you forget you had the knife in your pocket?

KNIFE: found this over on in regards to the steel used for the blade.
8Cr13MoV is a chinese copy of AUS8 so it’s pretty much the same but a lower quality version.

Guess the steel is known for various quality and inability to hold an edge for long. I’m no knife fanatic but I was going to add something like this to my GETFOOD bag (Get the F out of Dodge). I keep a couple of Ontario AF survival knifes around so this might be a nice knife to add to the mix. Looks like it might work out better for processing small game or fighting off some ticked off critter who doesn’t want to share it’s den with a human intruder.

I bought one of these last time they were up and I was a bit disappointed. I have never bought one of the Chinese-made Kershaws, but there is some serious room for improvement on the quality side of things. The knife feels cheap and is a bit rough around the edges. I certainly wouldn’t carry it as an everyday/camping knife. That being said, for less than half the price of the “real” Kershaws this is a great deal for an around-the-house utility knife and it is sharp as heck. Mine lives in my toolbox and is a much better box cutter than actual box cutters. Grab one if you want it for around the house/non-demanding tasks, but do not expect Kershaw quality.

Funny story. I carry a SOG multitool that has 2 knives built into it. I went on vacation and thought about it at the airport when leaving my home town, so I popped it into my checked luggage last minute before my turn.

On the way back, I completely forgot and TSA wasn’t pleased with me. I asked if I could go pop it in my already checked luggage and they were angry I even asked. I didn’t get my SOG back unfortunately, but the very next day Amazon had it on a pretty good sale, so I bought a new one :slight_smile:

I have a Leatherman PST II that I have carried daily for 10+ years. Has a 3" blade along with the other tools. I’m in the TSA queue in Philly when I realize it’s on my belt. Too late to go back and ship it home. Took it off my belt and stuck it in my carryon bag. Went right through TSA “security”.

They aren’t listing what metal the Chamtendor is made out of. Seems shady!

8Cr13MoV is a chinese copy of AUS8 so it’s pretty much the same but a lower quality version.
Seriously though, I’ve been told and read that Kershaw, among other quality knife makers, are known for a great heat treat on this metal that renders it an exceptional value.