Kershaw Clash Knife

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Kershaw Clash Knife
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4.6 Stars over at Knife Center

Kershaw speed safe knives are really great EDC knives. I have had several Ken Onion Kershaw speed safe knives over the years and was never disappointed.

Sort of? The clip can be adjusted for tip up or down carry, but it cannot be switched to the other side. This makes the carry a bit awkward for lefties since the flipper is not as convenient. You can still open it one handed but you have to twist the knife a bit in your hand first to get to the flipper.

This is the first time I have ever bought all 3 of anything (I think).

I take that back looks like I bought 3 flying, screaming monkeys once.

I have a couple of Kershaw knives and they are great. I may give one away for Christmas and that will leave me a couple. I like to have spares of my EDC stuff in case something gets lost or broken.

I picked up a couple of Gerber Fullbacks this weekend at Menard’s. The one I opened is WAY too hard to open. I covered it in 3 in 1 Oil and that did not help. I actually injured my thumb pushing on the stud trying to open the thing.

Right there with ya on Ken Onion knives as EDCs. It’s almost to the point of casual collecting…wish this one was Ken Onion.

Ken Onion parted ways with Kershaw in 2010 and started his own production company. He has also collaborated with CRKT on a few knives. He invented the speed safe opening system for Kershaw so I am wondering if he can use it for producing knives himself. I understand while a Marine he devised some device for helicopters which was adopted by the military…long before he made his first knife. He has over 30 patents on stuff he designed. Don’t usually think of guys who make knives as intellectual…

I got a notification from UPS that I have a package from amazon coming.

This is the only thing I ordered yesterday so I assume this is it even though none of the reference numbers match my order number.

Do all Woots now ship from amazon?

No, lots of things come directly from our vendors or the manufacturers.