Kershaw, CRKT, & Ontario Knife Company Knives

I bought 3 CRKT 14k Mt Shastas from Woot (1 order of 3) previously because the reviews I saw were all positive online. Each knife was totally and completely dull. A $2 generic swiss army knife out of a gas station has a better edge than these. I don’t know why CRKT would make a knife and not sharpen it. They aren’t used either. I couldn’t believe how dull the first one was so I checked the others and they are all the same.
Maybe those reviews were paid. I don’t know but I will never buy another CRKT product. There is plenty of value at the low end of reputable companies like Kershaw. Lesson learned.

Not to be antagonistic, but did you sharpen them yourself? Taking and holding an edge matters a lot more over the life of a blade than how sharp it’s arrived.

A blade company incurs expense the more they sharpen before shipping (labor+material), but can reasonably assume that blade users may want to sharpen their own to achieve whatever level of hone is desired (assuming the steel will take it). Sure, every knife should ship ‘sharp.’

At the same time, the Ontario RAT 1 and 2 are potent out of the box, sharpen enough to slide through paper, and seem to hold an edge fairly well.

I must have just gotten some that were neglected then. I don’t have a rod or grinding tool/sharpener for the serrated part - they’re combo blades. I did sharpen the straight endge on one, so yeah they are capable of being sharpened. I wasn’t trying to suggest that if I seemed to.
Yeah I know some folks want to be able to disembowel themselves without feeling a thing :wink: but I can’t remember ever having a new knife this dull. These things won’t slice anything but butter right now. I don’t think I’m expecting too much by expecting a brand new quality knife to cut out of the box. Knife snobs would say you get what you pay for but I expected good value with the Shasta reviews. I’m more used to knives not taking an edge or being made of extra-cheap steel.

I don’t doubt CRKT would probably let me send them in to be sharpened. That’s pretty much standard in the industry. I planned on getting a Works sharpener in the next month or two anyway which may be faster than mailing them off.

Judging by this vid

I got some that weren’t attended to properly before shipping.

Heads up for others who just want to buy something to put in their pocket and don’t own sharpeners.

Those Ontarios have quite a few new fanboys. I ordered up a couple but haven’t gotten them yet. With Kershaw never a dissapointment with anything and if there is I know they’ll fix it.

Pink RAT 2 arrived today, pleased as punch with it (wouldn’t trade it for my RAT 1, though! I like the heft and size). Build quality seems top notch on both Ontario knives, great product, period. Very satisfying purchases.

Same secure blade locking, smooth action, just smaller, lighter, pinker, cuter.