Kershaw Epistle 2131X Knife

Kershaw Epistle 2131X Knife


Where is the more in the knives and more event?

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These are likely the styles that did not move well on the mothership. But Kershaw makes great blades for the amount charged. Some of their handle shapes are atypical but fit the clenched hand/palm exceptionally well.

Compare the flow of the handle with how the hand naturally has crease lines to close:

The bladesmiths for Kershaw study hand anatomy and generally make decent blades using 8cr13mov steel (similar to AUS8) that has a hardness of 58-60 hrc. That is IMHO fine for a functional knife that is meant to be used and occassionally sharpened.


Be nice to know a blade length.

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Here you go:
Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
Blade Length: 3.0" (7.8 cm)
Blade Style: Drop Point
Handle Material: Clear Anodized Aluminum

Yeah I got the Innuendo in a BOC it was returned but in the package. I am wondering if it was because of the poor blade lock design where it is part of the handle and not a separate piece of metal between the handles like most knives lock.
First glance it looks like a flaw if you did not know it was their design.

Besides that very nice blades. Blades are nice and sharp. These deals prolly won’t last long.

(These are nowhere the quality of a Spiderco or Benchmade, that’s the difference in quality which justifies their price. )

When companies like Kershaw and CRKT sell out to mass produce to major box stores, they lose their original quality that built their name up in the first place.

Ah finally they posted a multi-tool and some hatchets and stuff.


Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.

I bought the epistle the last time these came around. (Month or so?) it was labeled as an assisted open. It is still labeled as such.

It is not.

Please correct the description to reflect.

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I have not experienced lock issues with their design. However, i am not doing much with a lockback that would close it on my hand.

I do not like the looks of Spyderco knives and they seem a bit delicate. I know that is my own perception, but then again I also have a Kershaw Ken Onion Leek that I consider to be razor sharp, but too delicate.

Thanks for the callout. I’ve asked our team to update the listing to reflect this.

Epistle? Letter?

Would you believe Epistle opener? At least that is what purpose I have for mine. Works exceptionally well. Faster than a standard letter opener and opens Amazon boxes as fast too.

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