Kershaw Funxion EMT SpeedSafe Knife

**•Top-of-the-line Chinese steel **

Gotta love it when it’s listed as top of the line…

I’m confused. It says the blade is made of Chinese steel, and if you zoom in on the second image (the back), you can clearly see “China” stamped into the handle. However, it says in the description that it is made in the USA. My own Kershaw was made in the USA (not this model) but this one for sale clearly, to me, is made in China. I’m sad now.

Yeah, description says Made in USA. Internet sources say made in China. And WOOT only gives you 15 minutes to cancel an order.
This sucks.

You are correct. The knife is made in China. The sale has been corrected.

I bought 2 of these same ones. Description says aluminum handle with rubber grip. It actually all plastic. The handle and grip are the same piece of stamped plastic made to look like a rubber grip. But its not. The knives are still pretty decent though. I did purchase the actually aluminum with rubber grip version of this knife some time ago and loved it as well.

Last time there was a Kershaw sale, I went a bit crazy and bought a bunch of knives … including this one.

This is solid, and has a good feel in the hand, and the serrated portion is fairly sharp. The grip is a bit thicker.

It opens very easily, one-handed with the finger bump, and locks solid. Bottom line, if you want a knife with a serrated section, this is the one to get.