Kershaw Funxion EMT SpeedSafe Knife

The description says aluminum handle with rubber grip. They are actually a plastic handle with a plastic stamped grip made to look like rubber. I have bought a few of these from different sales and they are all the same. Only the very first one I bought from here was what the description said. That being said, they are still decent knives and work well.

I have one of these Funxion knives from a previous sale (the green outdoor model) and it’s an aluminum handle for sure.

I got one of these just a few weeks ago last time it was up. I’m with Triniton, the handle on mine is plastic. It’s also a lot thicker than I was expecting from the pictures. I also wish it had a glass breaker tip to complete the emergency car blade toolkit.

It should have a glass breaker, it’s a feature on both EMT models. It’s on the top of the pocket clip, the picture with the blade folded up on here shows it.

I keep this knife on me at all times. Comes in real handy when opening up boxes or general use. I bought this in a previous sale and my handle seems to be plastic. That doesn’t matter so much to me. The one thing that concerns me is the seat belt cutter seems to be really dull right out of the gate. All in all still a solid knife for a good price.

It does have a glass breaker.

Really nice knife, but yes it is thick.
Bought two at a previous sale as my son and I are in Ski Patrol training

Just got mine yesterday and yes you guys are right it is “plastic” (glass filled nylon) which seems pretty durable. Mine has a glass breaker on the opposite end of the caribiner.