Kershaw Funxion Knives (Your Choice)

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Kershaw Funxion Knives (Your Choice)
Price: $17.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Feb 23 to Tuesday, Feb 24) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out the product page for the Kershaw Funxion DIY

I love Kershaw, but I try to avoid them if they aren’t made in the USA. I always need another knife, but I’m out on this one.

Despite not being part of Kershaw’s USA made knives, I’ve liked their Funxion series. At this price I’m happy to add the DIY and Outdoors to my collection with my EMT. Its features have been useful nearly everyday since I got it, so I’m hoping the same will be true for the jobs I have in mind for these new knives.

I like knives. I think I lots of folks do. I’m not sure I understand the fascination with them though. I have a few utility knives and some leatherman varieties, but never finding I need more than that. I find it interesting that they sell out all the time (and in 45 min on some sites). I guess I’m not a target customer for these (not a hunter/camper?) but I’d think those that are, already have all the knives they need.

Life’s mysteries, I guess.

Wow. A 13 minute video to demo a knife?

I suspect the video is actually a coded message to a spy network. I can think of no other explanation for it to be 13 minutes.

Just not your cup of tea man! You like the tool, not the addiction, er, lifestyle. I worked for a site that would get 300 of an anticipated knife, launch them, sell all and start shipping them within 15 minutes. It was crazy.

As for this particular knife - Kershaw makes a great product and backs them up! This is an imported item, but I’ve found the QC and overall quality great for the money! The carabiner works well for people who use carabiners, but it does have a clip for regular pocket knife carry.

I always have a Knife, Bottle Opener, and flat head on me in my daily kit of tools, and this has all three. Buy it and you’ll find yourself using every part often and wonder how you got by before.


Hmmm… been looking for something to replace my Victorinox Forester one-hand-open that went missing after a camping trip.

I bought the DIY from some other boring daily deals site, and despite my ever-growing collection of Kershaw Leeks and Chives, this has become my daily driver.

Sure, it’s not USA-made, but the blade is sharp and the utility functions are solidly built.

Now I’m eyeing the Outdoor…

to add to the demographics of knife lovers… I’m Not a sportsman(or survivalist). I work in a office as a computer program. And would never open this knife at work.

speed open is big for me, clip/carry is used as money clip by me. multi purpose is a plus.
price is right.
I think this will be a bit bulky but I’m in for one.

I’m with you. I’m a former Marine, and a pretty avid outdoorsman, and I think most of us – though certainly not all – view knives as tools, not as nifty accessories. You may want different types for different purposes, but if you buy a good one (which, as with all hand tools, are made only by Germanic peoples) then you should be all set. It’s like hammers: You buy one, and it’s yours, and you use it. It becomes part of you. You might need a heavier one for framing, or a ball-peen for certain projects, but you don’t just endlessly keep buying hammers every time you see one with a different handle that looks neat on the display at Sears. Then again, maybe some people do.

I Googled the blade type:

8Cr13MoV: A Chinese steel with similar performance characteristics to AUS-8. 8Cr14Mov and it’s variants (including 8Cr14MoV) is actually excellent steel for the money. Like AUS-8, it lacks the edge retention of the higher end steels but can take a wicked edge and is reasonably tough and corrosion resistant. For EDC knives in the $35 and under bracket 8Cr13MoV is really tough steel to beat.

I kinda wish it has a #2 size Phillips head driver also…

I collect American knives, but may grab one of these…

Kershaws are generally not going to be the most amazing knife ever, but they are going to be solid and dependable.
I have the DIY, and it’s a nice solid chunk of knife. A little heavy, but it’s sturdy and sharp.

If you’re a knife snob, then sure, you have your points of complaint. But for someone who wants a knife that isn’t cheap gas station/bait shop quality, it’s a fantastic knife.

Has anyone else had shipping issues on this?

Ordered 2 different ones, and only one showed up. Sent off a note to CS, but only a short note back saying they would get back to me, and that was last Friday.

Mark- I’m sorry about that. I don’t know of any wide-spread issues, but I’ll make sure to check in with CS on your case in my afternoon report.

I have the exact same issue. Sent a follow up message today since I have not heard anything since Friday.

I’ll check in on your order as well.

I’ve had the same issue. I ordered 2 red and 1 green knife and only received the 2 red ones. I have now sent 4 messages to Woot and still do not have my 3rd knife. Whatsupwithdat?

Oh man, sorry. I’ll poke CS with your info. Someone should be in touch soon.