Kershaw Ken Onion AO Chive Rainbow Knife

Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon and two perfect reviews over at

Had this knife for years until I lost it. Loved it. It was small enough to fit in the small pockets of women’s jeans. And it’s beautiful. This is a great price.

I bought this exact same Kershaw Ken Onion Chive knife from Amazon a few months ago… and it wasn’t my first Chive, either.

Amazon still has it and priced just north of $52.

This one should arrive in a metal “tin” inserted into a paper sleeve… which makes it dandy for gift giving.

Woot’s listing doesn’t mention this fact.

*** EDIT ***

Sorry… my apology for any confusion. No fancy packaging here… and ditto for the Amazon offering of this knife. I checked mine and it’s in a cardboard Kershaw box. I have earlier Chives that were shipped in a tin.

woot, woot, woot…
Make sure the description and knife finish is correct…

Unlikely to come with premium packaging, this is woot after all!

I don’t care for the finish which is what I assume makes this so pricey. Besides, too small for my hands. The Leek would be the bare minimum size-wise for me. I carried one of them for years.

Now carry the Blur, which I like even more. Kershaw makes great knives though, so if you like the size and finish, it should be a decent little blade.

Too small for your hands? I know what that’s like, all day long.

I own 5 Chives, including two Rainbow. Love them all!

My only quibble is that the pocket clip makes them ride too high out of the pocket. With a knife this small you could conceivably lose it. The Scallion clip is better, but still not “deep carry”.

Kershaw customer service is top notch too. Buy one!

I’ve decided that knife collecting is stupid, so I’m going to stop. How many sharp objects do I need?

Most of the knives that end up in Amazons’ bargain bin do so because they are made with inferior materials.

This would cost less if it didn’t have the TI finish on it, but if the finish appeals to you this is a solid quality pocket knife.

umm… ok so are you saying this is made out of inferior materials (being in the bargain bin) and only the finish makes it a solid quality pocket knife??

Any Kerhaw that doesn’t make it completely through QA but is deemed safe for sale has “XXX” printed right on the blade.
I’m sure these are perfectly fine.

Crocodile Dundee: “That’s not a knife.(pulls out a large bowie knife) -THAT’s a knife.”

I second the knife riding too high. I lost my last one after the 3rd day I had it. I was out at a sheep farm, and now it’s somewhere in the field :frowning:

Is this specifically for skinning unicorns? We need to get at the sparkles.

Is this the same knife, without the pretty colors?


WOW. The colors sure add a lot of $$$.

Always one more than you have :wink: