Kershaw Knives

Assisted opening is perfect on these.

Cool-looking little black Chive.
Had to buy one just to see it, looks like a gloss piano-black finish.
Hope it’s like the picture…

Dang what a great looking Chive! I have a nice satin-silver finish Ken Onion Leek (a bit larger than the Chive, same USA-made Speedsafe beauty however), really tempted to get this black Chive. US made Kershaws are just fantastic, and you can’t go wrong with these Chives at this price. I actually carry a Chinese Kershaw with me daily, still a good knife but I won’t cry if I lose it. I’d cry if I lost a REAL Kershaw…

Another site shows the 1600ALBLK as a matte finish, but I guess we’ll both find out soon enough. I went ahead and picked up the black and the navy and whichever one I don’t keep I’m sure I can find a home for. Excellent pricing.

If I decide to buy something else, or more of something I just purchased, how long can it all be combined into one shipping charge?
I know it isn’t all day anymore …

Sorry Warshington friend, it’s per cart-full now, there’s no set time period for $5 shipping.

Kershaw does make very good quality knives…however the size of these knives is rather small considering I am not Lucky the Leprechaun or an Oompa Loompa. They lack the size that would warrant me shelling out 20+ Washingtons. They might make great cheese knives for a holiday party though. Let me know how they are when they arrive everyone.

I don’t understand why this knife can’t ship to Long Island. There is no law that states the knife is illegal in LI. If I am able to buy this knife from Amazon, why is it different from Woot??

I have bought something 5 out of the last 7 days on this site! Why must you make me buy one of these Woot?!?!?

Actually, I was thinking it’s like a larger pen-knife. Slip it into your pocket (safety on) if wanted. That was my thought.
Seems like I really don’t need anything but a couple inches of blade (give or take) for 90% of daily uses, as long as the blade is SHARP. Mine are sharp.
Plus, I collect knives.

I have one in satin and I have enjoyed it for the past few years. It is about the same size as a small pack of red gum. I would buy again if I lost it. The assisted open is great and works very smoothly.

In some lines of work a smaller knife is preferable to a large one. If a customer asks me to remove the tag from a bouquet of flowers and I whip out some gigantic serrated nightmare I’m doing a disservice to that customer by potentially intimidating them. Also smaller, slimmer knives interfere with the contents of your pockets less.

Dang that black Chive sold out in less than one day. Bummer, woot. I got the rainbow Scallion last time and it’s a great little pocket knife. I also agree with it being more appropriate for the workplace, no need to freak out clients and coworkers with a Crocodile Dundee knoif to break down a box or open a package. I’ll be on the lookout for this one again, and I’d like to hear feedback on the finish, whether it’s flat or glossy.

I’ve been carrying a Kershaw every day for 10+ years and absolutely love them. I’ve had other knives, more expensive ones, given to me as gifts; they end up being returned or re-gifted. I carry a satin-finish Leek as a “casual dress” knife when I’m at the office (or an old Opinel if I’m really dressing up…) and my favorite, the Blur, the rest of the time. The one drawback on the Leek or Chive knife is that the metal isn’t textured and can get a bit slippery in wet conditions. My Blur, on the other hand, has some amazing grip material and I’ve not once had it slip on me, even when covered in oil or blood. The half-serrated edge on my Blur, too, REALLY comes in handy! Since the only Chive left is the camo option, and the Blur shows up here occasionally for a steep discount, I’d wait for it to pop up again. Best knife I’ve owned, solid warranty, and Kershaw will re-apply their excellent hollow-ground edge for the life of the knife, just send it to 'em and they send it back.

This I did not know, thank you for sharing.

Sold out now, but, FWIW, I’ve been carrying a Chive in my pocket for about 10 years now. I like it except that the safety catch broke pretty quickly. I contacted Kershaw and they sent me a replacement part for free, but that broke even faster. I gave up and keep a rubber band around it to keep it closed now. They should have used metal where they used plastic.

Aww, I love my Chive. Wish I could get another. Perfect size, and gets the job done.

I love my scallions (liner lock and frame lock ones). My only beef with them is the pocket clip is kind of large. The AO is nice since it’s a flipper. Just push with your index finger and thwip.

Another Kershaw testimonial here. I carry a Leek daily and carried another Ken Onion model before that. Great customer support.