Kershaw Leek Composite Blade Knife

Kershaw Leek Composite Blade Knife

Must resist buying another Leek…
Oops, bought it. I don’t have this composite knife in blackwash.

Probably the perfect EDC knife for me.

Here’s mine I’ve owned 10+ yrs & carried it over half of that time.

I beat it up here on my farm, using it for anything. The D2 steel takes a bit longer to sharpen, but it stays sharp a long time.

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Yes, it is the perfect EDC. I’ve had two of this exact knife, both lost due to my own carelessness. This knife just feels perfect in your hand and looks and works great.

Buy this knife right now … you will be very pleased. I own a few of these composite blade beauties and could not be happier with the build and unique styling. Do it …

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