Kershaw Lonerock RBK Knife

Yes, I looked it up online earlier.


Hey there, please don’t make personal attacks. Thanks in advance for keeping it civil.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)


Hey all, I did some clean up on this thread where it had gone way off topic. Please refrain from personal attacks and be nice to the volunteer moderators.

No need to respond to this post. Just shhhhhhhhhh. You can do it.


Actually, the poundage was not exaggerated – some of my extended family put the vest on a scale. They enjoy asking me to empty my pockets to see everything that I carry. (Yes, they’re probably laughing at me, but do I care? :-D)

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Mr. T would be impressed.

This could be new protection.
Problem: eats 8 lbs a day and occassional visitors.

Newfoundland Bernese Hound

Intensely loyal guard. Baby on the left wonders why no one visits

Who cares about what you actions you view as of “no need” to take?

Any one can respond who feels like it…

You’ll censor the ones you don’t like.

… some forum posters want acruate listings and competitive pricing, but you say… “No need.”

I see lots of “No need” going around here.

Good morning. I’m sorry you took my post to everyone as a personal message. I was asking people not to posting a response to MY post. We have a lot of regulars that like to “poke the bear” with gifs, memes, etc.

I let people know I remove posts as a curtesy. When I don’t do this, often people take offense and accuse me of infringing on the their first amendment rights.

And as to removing posts, I actually rarely do so. I (and the volunteer mods) try to give verbal guidance to get things on track but sometimes there’s just too much vitriol to save the posts and I delete them Sorry you got caught in the crossfire.

Those people don’t understand the First Amendment. That applies to government control of speech, not private entities. Woot (and Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are private businesses, so the First Amendment doesn’t apply to them. They are free to moderate their businesses as they see fit (as long as they don’t break laws).

Sorry to those of you who know that, but many people don’t seem to. :roll_eyes:


I sent TT a similar message

This is a private biz, they can run the forums how they please

No first amendment rights should be expected here

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OH BUT THEY DO!!! THEY DO! Some anyway.



Least they don’t come in here expecting their 2nd amendment rights…

It’d be a Morty and Monte bloodbath!

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