Kershaw Scrambler Knife

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Kershaw Scrambler Knife
Price: $22.99
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Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon and check out the product page

Is it made in America?

Kershaw makes some really good knives, I have one in my pocket right now. You have to be careful though, some of them are made in China. Still a very good product for the price. I believe you can send the knife in to Kershaw for sharpening at no cost, as well.
I can with mine.
My .02

just an observation, the description says the pocket clip is reversible, tip-up/tip-down, but in the pictures it doesn’t appear that the clip can screw on for tip-down.

random side note: I carry a kershaw vapor iii knife 24/7 (got it from woot too)

[MOD: You’re correct. We’ve fixed the features.]

This one is going to be made in China.

$2 more at the mothership without any of the return hassles if there is an issue.

It looks like you can swap sides but not tip up/down.

No, it’s made in China. It is $27.99 at amazon prime. Same as here with shipping but with a much better set of return rules.

And here’s a video review.

I’ve been accumulating Kershaws for years now, and love almost all of them. In general, any of the Ken Onion designs have been stellar knives, while the few I’ve taken chances on that aren’t have been real disappointments.

The two non-K.O. knives I’ve bought in the past both felt far cheaper in quality. The action on the SpeedSafe wasn’t as smooth, the balance of the knife was poor, and there was a lot more play in the blade in its locked/deployed position.

No real urgency here…they can be purchased all day long off of E-Bay from knife merchants for about $5.00 more including freight…so unless you really have a need for a knife of Chinese origin…this is no bargain.

spring assistance on this knife?

Tiny clip for a large folder. Only a matter of time until that falls off.

Yes, SpeedSafe assisted opening (in the description).

Pretty knife. The g10/steel bolster combo reminds me of a Benchmade 586. It’s big, and way too heavy at 5.2oz for every day carry. If I’m going to carry something that big, the steel isn’t going to be a budget Chinese like 8Cr13MoV.

Reviews of it from Amazon mother ship:

Yeah, The model number’s different, Amazon seems to have the 3890 and the 3890BW, I’m guessing this 3890X is a closeout no longer being sold/made by Kershaw? I can’t seem to search Kershaw’s site for products.

From what I’m seeing, the “x” and “xxx” on older knives indicates a factory “second”. Lots of info on the web, but here is a quick thread on the issue.

I can’t find it right now, but somewhere I read where the newest code is the single “x” in the blade number. (Still, I’d like to hear it from Kershaw either way.)

Not sure … YMMV.

[MOD: X denotes packaging. See post below.]

P.S. I love Kershaw knives … great value. I am carrying one now!