Kershaw Shuffle Black

TLDR: Buy one. It’s nice and small, and unobtrusive. But make the little mod below.

The Shuffle is a great little knife, but suffers from one specific design flaw: The index finger groove on the grip is cut into the blade itself, and if your hand slips at all the first thing you will notice is a tiny nick into the inside of your finger.

Here’s a tiny mod that mitigates this problem, without affecting the function of the knife at all. Take a flat metal file (technically known as a “b@5tard file”) and use the 90’ degree corner – perpendicular the the plane of the blade – to file a square notch into the first 1/16th inch of the blade next to the grip.

This leaves a tiny shoulder before the blade begins, which will poke toward your index finger, but is not sharp enough to easily cut if your hand shifts slightly. When gripping the knife, you can then feel where the blade begins without actually being in the process of cutting yourself.

Love the knife, wish they had done this in the original design. Warning is good. Graceful failure is good.