Kershaw Skyline Folding Knife

That’s a GREAT deal on the Skyline - an excellent steel in an American made knife. I wonder how well CRKT will fulfill Kershaw’s warranty though… :wink:

When they say “razor sharp” in the description, they aren’t kidding. I know how to handle a pocket knife and I cut my finger the first time I opened this one. Sharpest pocket knife I’ve ever seen.

Last time there was a Kershaw sale, I went a bit crazy and bought a bunch of knives … including this one.

I’m so happy I did. It opens and locks very easily - just a slight pressure on the flicker and a bit of a twist to the wrist, and it pops open like butter. The handle is 3/8 inch thick (not including the clip), and everything about it is solid and not cheap-looking.

This is a great deal!

Great knife great price just buy it I have somewhere between 40-50 knives and this one is definitely in the top ten extremely light as they say in Boston wicked shaap it makes me feel safe on the red line.

This is a great knife for its intended use. It is NOT a prybar, screwdriver, fighting blade, wire cutter or bone chopper. Its hollow-ground, thin and VERY sharp blade make it perfect for light and covert carry, meat, paper, cardboard, and the thousand things one usually needs to cut in a day. Used as a steak knife, it makes almost transparent, uniform slices.