Kershaw Stainless Cryo Folding Knife

There is a similar Kershaw knife at for only $10.

why was my order denied?
I have reordered and redenied. I’m in new york, but according to sales stats others in NY have ordered. I’ve emailed an norespose. No reason for the denaial. Very FRUSTRATING!

Look this knife up on google. This knife, not a “similar” knife. I do this with everything I order here- and the going price for this knife is anywhere from as low as $25 (rare) and as high as $59. This knife is not a $10 quality similar kershaw. Read up a bit on this particular knife and its design and you’ll understand.

On the other hand, I would appreciate if you linked or named the knife that is similar so we can see for ourselves if it’s better worth the investment to go cheap. Kershaw is a good brand- even their cheap knives (which, like most any company, the cheap options will always be designed to appear like their expensive models… its marketing).

In any case, this is the knife:

Read that, and it’ll show why this is worth this price.

Yes. Exactly. Hinderer does good work. I have a Gerber Hinderer CLS and it is quite nice. Need something to replace my wonky CRKT Pazoda.

$30.00 over at Big River

$18.73 cheapest ever on Amazon, says Camel

Cool, I’ll take your word for it. I can’t find a (non used) knife for near that price for the 1555TI Cryo. I’ve seen similar model numbers that look similar. But as I’m sure you all know, it’s the details that seperate a decent knife from a great knife.

So anyway, even at 18 bucks- I bought this with a couple of other things so with shipping it’s still by far the cheapest way to get this knife. By far.