Kershaw Starter SpeedSafe Folding Knife

Last time there was a Kershaw sale, I went a bit crazy and bought a bunch of knives … including this one.

I got this one because of somebody’s comment: “If you want a knife that looks like it’s designed by H. R. Giger… [the guy who designed the Alien movie monster …]” it does that, and the blade is certainly solid enough - but it doesn’t quite open as smoothly as the 1760 skyline, and the metal doesn’t look as hard or finished.

This is a great knife for the price, but it’s a fair bit thicker and heavier than the Skyline, which is my favorite (opens and locks with a flick, and the blade is nicer).

If price is an issue, then this is a fine knife for the price - but otherwise I’d recommend the Skyline.