Kershaw Vapor III Folding Knife



Can anyone comment on the quality of these knives? I’ve seen this brand on woot a lot but I just lost my current pocket knife and need a replacement.


I purchased several of these and gave them as Christmas presents. I liked them so much, I wished I had purchased an extra one for myself. They are very sharp, smoothly operating, weighty knives that appear very well crafted.


I got this exact one a few months back. Quite good for the price. It’s held up well, hasn’t loosened much and hold a sharp edge after a basic sharpening.

I would recommend to anyone who needs a casual blade with them.


I have a few Kershaw knifes and I’m very pleased with them. Good quality and good price (from Woot)


I’ve had this for a few months now and like it. The belt clip is super strong (almost unusable). The piece to help with quick opening is conical and a little pointier than I would prefer. The blade holds an edge well and is still very sharp.


I really like Kershaw knives. I have this one. It’s a pretty good knife. It’s a little big for me to carry every day. When it’s clipped inside the pocket of your jeans (that’s where I carry), and you reach into your pocket, the thumb stud is pretty sharp on the back of your hand. Other than that, nice knife. I might get a couple more myself.


Can’t beat the quality at this price. Mid grade steel, but $13 shipped!? Kershaw tries hard to make the best bang for your buck. Its worth just buying some to throw in the glove box or wherever when you need it in a pinch. Plus if you didnt spend a lot on the knife you dont feel bad beating it up!

J. Carbon


Probably wont be enough time to get an answer on this, but the pictures seem to show 2 knives - one with a serrated section and one without. Which is this one?

Edit: Never mind, there are 2 different options to purchase


Overall fit & finish is great. The only complaint I have is the sharp thumb stud used to open the knife. I’m afraid it will cut me before the blade does…


both/either; you can select the blade.


I have one of each type blade, and just ordered another one of each. I carry the straight blade every day, and the serrated lives in a tool bag. They have been used (and abused) for many things, from carving chicken at a church potluck (plastic knife was not gonna ‘cut’ it) to sawing drywall when fitting a window. The liner lock is positive and I felt no concerns prying and scraping drywall in either direction.

The thumb stud is a little sharp, but once the knife breaks in it does not require quite as much force to open. It opens with a very satisfying “snick” with only a light push of the thumb stud and a flick of the wrist.

There are certainly better knives out there, but for, what, 8 bucks this time around? I’ve got utility knives that I paid more for. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


I was in for one of these but they won’t ship to New York…bunch of crap, it’s not a switchblade!!!


Kershaw makes awesome knives. I hold out for the USA made ones though. The quality difference between the Chinese and USA made ones is easily noticeable.


Completely agree. No Woot knives for us New Yorkers ever, it seems.


I have had a similar Kershaw since 2003 and I still wear it every day. I broke the tip and the spring assist finally stopped working. It doesn’t appear this knife has the spring assist but the blade is identical to the one I have. Its a good knife, if it had the spring assist it would be an $80 knife so this isn’t a bad deal.


I’ve gotten switchblades and butterfly knives from various sites, you just have to search around. I’ve only found one site that wouldn’t send me a butterfly knife.


Recently lost my Kershaw Compound so i’m in for one. Gonna miss the speed safe opening but i suppose i’ll manage without it.


ordered one of each, I have a collection of knives and I switch out my everyday carry so Gonna try and solely uses these. nothing like a mid grade knife at a great price


Kershaw makes some good knives. Wanted to get one of each, but out of straight edge blades… Got the serrated one.

Got free shipping now though, so bring on the deals!