Keuka Lake Coffee/Java-Gourmet Java Rub - 5 Pack

Keuka Lake Coffee/Java-Gourmet Java Rub - 5 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Flavorful
1 Beef, Lamb, Wild Game & More Java Rub - 2.2 oz Tin
1 Pork, Poultry & More Java Rub 2.3 oz Tin
1 Fish, Seafood, Veggies, & More - 2.3 oz Tin
1 Fruit, Dessert, & More - 2.3 oz Tin
1 Sicilian Citrus Java Rub - 2 oz Tin

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Will this double nicely as a post-beer-run muscle rub?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a product from this ‘vendor.’ Looks like they were very well received as well… I would anticipate “javalady” to make a strong appearance on today’s thread!

Oh, and is the Java Mac-compatible?

Hello From Keuka Lake!

No, it’s only the Flash you have to worry about.

JAVA RUBS are intended for culinary purposes, but we can’t control how our products are used, so that’s up to you…Nothing beats a good rub :slight_smile:

Hey javalady… glad to see NY “representin” on Wine.Woot yet again!

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Thanks! It’s great to be back…I’m really excited about debuting our JAVA RUBS to “wooters”…

So two questions:

  1. How much of the coffee (%age-wise) is in these rubs? As I have never had a coffee rub before, I would be interested to know if the coffee overpowers the other spices or not.

2)The Beef, Lamb, Wild Game & More Java Rub sounds a lot like a rub I use on my Greek Souvlaki (lamb), which I purchase from a Greek Restaurant in Utica, NY. Is that where this rub was inspired from?

I kinda just want it for the little containers. I suppose I could try some coffees too.

Or I should say, try some dry rubs.

Last wooter to woot: worldofjohnboy

In for one, I need to try these on my BBQ and/or rotisserie foods!

Hi to you and thanks for the interest! The % of coffee varies from rub to rub (we have 17 varieties now, but is in the 15-35% range…

As for tasting coffee…you won’t. Coffee has a unique culinary attribute of being a natural flavor enhancer…it adds an additional layer of flavor, but not a coffee taste.

When you add sugar to coffee you get a mocha flavor…the addition of salts/spices/savory does not give you that flavor profile.

The coffee also helps in the caramelization of the surface of whatever it’s on: meats, veggies, etc and that helps seal in the juices.

We have created all our products personally…not familiar with the Utica eatery, but not surprised…coffee has a long, although somewhat “secretive” past in the culinary world.

You will not be disappointed!

Our JAVA RUBS are very versatile…think of them as the best seasonings you’ve ever had…no need to get hung up on the “dry rub” element…I use them in soups, on salads, in baking…of course they are great on the grill and when used up the little cans are great for holding paper clips on your desk :slight_smile:

“Smack it up, flip it, rub it down”

Oh nooooooo…

Let’s hope it’s NOT Poison :slight_smile:

You spelled Penn Yan wrong :slight_smile:

Finger Lakes…represent!

Good Call…at 1AM Penn Yan time I didn’t notice that…I’ll have to speak to the “woot web guys” about that!