Keuka Lake Coffee/Java-Gourmet Java Rub - 5 Pack

Keuka Lake Coffee/Java-Gourmet Java Rub - 5 Pack
$19.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Flavorful
1 Beef, Lamb, Wild Game & More Java Rub - 2.2 oz Tin
1 Pork, Poultry & More Java Rub 2.3 oz Tin
1 Fish, Seafood, Veggies, & More - 2.3 oz Tin
1 Fruit, Dessert, & More - 2.3 oz Tin
1 Sicilian Citrus Java Rub - 2 oz Tin

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I almost never rub my java. Next…

I wonder how long this will last. Will it keep me through the night (5-6 hours)?

I wanted to buy this last time, I of course missed it, and have no money at the moment :-/ bleh

edit: of course that means I will not be spending at all during the woot off

Details say they do some fair trade products, any chance this is one of them?

Does the Java scrub really keep your face fresh and clean?

Hoping they have a TON of these in stock so that I can get a few hours of sleep and not miss anything I would regret. Good night all, sweet (woot-off) dreams.

I really enjoyed these rubs. The only downside is that they come in very small tins, so if you like one flavor, you’ll probably go through it fairly quickly.

really? nobody’s going to say anything about Java? I’m certainly not clever enough, but… come on!

Off topic, but I just noticed your signature redwinefan. The first quote attributed to anonymous is by Don Phillips (Michael and David’s father) I believe, it’s on the back of the bottle of Don’s Lodi Red Blend by Michael David if I am remembering correctly.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to find a bottle of that wine.

This is from my hometown. Little lake village of 5,000 people. Way to go, PY.

Lodi Red

Double the quantity or half the price & I’m in for 2!

does anyone know if any (or all) of these are gluten free?

Looks like this is going to last at least until people start waking up in a few hours at which point it could very easily sell out quickly. Hopefully this won’t be a woot-off killer, I don’t think they’ll do another 1 day extension just for W.W. like they did on the last wootoff.

Normally coffee gets things moving but… apparently not always.

(And thus concludes my first wine.woot comment. Thank you.)

“Kneed it, mold it, give it a few pats…”

I have visions of someone on their countertop giving a good knee to their pork loin.

Anyway, Keuka Lake. Beautiful place, the Finger Lakes region - some ice wines to die for.

Missed this one last time so I am very glad to see it back today. Hope I get it soon so the grilling can begin!