Keuka Lake Coffee/Java-Gourmet Java Rub - 5 Pack

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Keuka Lake Coffee/Java-Gourmet Java Rub - 5 Pack
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CONDITION: Flavorful
1 Beef, Lamb, Wild Game & More Java Rub - 2.2 oz Tin
1 Pork, Poultry & More Java Rub 2.3 oz Tin
1 Fish, Seafood, Veggies, & More - 2.3 oz Tin
1 Fruit, Dessert, & More - 2.3 oz Tin
1 Sicilian Citrus Java Rub - 2 oz Tin

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These are absolutely delicious. I’ve used three of them so far… the best was the beef rub on a skirt steak paired with a 2008 Ty’s Red.

For those who are bound to ask, there is no pervasive coffee flavor imparted to the meat.

I have used the Sicilian rub on a roast chicken and the pork rub on a slow cooked pork shoulder with coffee and aromatic vegetables. Both were very tasty!

I got this in a secret Santa exchange. We’ve used it on beef brisket and lamb chops. It’s very good.

Well this woot off is saving me money :slight_smile:

I bought these last time, and have had a chance to try the meat rub on a nice steak. Came out absolutely delicious!

I haven’t tried the others, but on the strength of the meat rub, I’d recommend getting these if you’re willing to experiment a bit.

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Was given as a gift. Pretty good on chicken, pork chops, etc. The surprise was a suggestion on the pack to mix with sour cream as a dip, which was pretty awesome even considering the length of the list of things that mixed with sour cream will produce something weirdly good on chips, or whatever.

Got the very last one, huzzah!

Damn…sold out just as I was hitting the button!

Sorry I missed chatting with you wooters…did not know we were up again…glad it was a quick sell out :slight_smile: Thanks for the nice feedback on your JAVA RUB experiences…Nothing beats a good rub! JAVALICIOUS!

So far I’ve used the pork, fish, and beef rubs (bought last time). They have been consistently great, adding to the meat without being overpowering. Really unexpected.

On steaks it’s especially good with “New World” Malbec. The coffee and cocoa complement each other nicely.