Keuka Lake Coffee/Java-Gourmet Java Rub - 5 Pack

Keuka Lake Coffee/Java-Gourmet Java Rub - 5 Pack
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CONDITION: Flavorful
1 Pork, Poultry & More Java Rub 2.3 oz Tin
1 Fish, Seafood, Veggies, & More - 2.3 oz Tin
1 Sicilian Citrus Java Rub - 2 oz Tin
1 Beef, Lamb, Wild Game & More Java Rub - 2.2 oz Tin
1 Fruit, Dessert, & More - 2.3 oz Tin

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As luck would have it, we just grilled steaks with the beef rub tonight. On Sunday, I generously (too generously, I feared) rubbed them down and vacuum sealed them using my Woot-purchased Rival vacuum sealer. Today, I opened up the bag, tossed them on the grill and YUM!!! The rub is spicy, with a hint of coffee in the background (basically, only if you know that the “java” is there would you notice it). No need to add salt or pepper. It’s in there. And despite my worry that I was over-coating the steaks, I hadn’t at all. It flavored the meat without creating a grainy coating at all. I’m in for more. No question. I’m very interested in trying the fruit rub with grilled peaches, pears or apples!

take it from me: do not use this as a substitute for coffee grounds.

Thanks for the nice feedback!
I love the JAVA RUB Fruit on peaches and pineapple…amazing…also check out our recipe for Bananas JAVA online…Think Bananas Foster only more JAVALICIOUS!