Keurig B79 Gloss Cinnamon

Ok, what is the difference between K79 and K79/A? I can find nothing with the added /A on the site or anywhere. By reading the little bit of info here, it seems the K79/A does not have hot water on demand and the K79 does. But that could be just a lack of provided info. Anyone know anything more?

One thing that confounds many Keurig shoppers is the “K” and “B” designation that prefaces model numbers. If you are perplexed about this, fret no more!

When you are looking for a Keurig coffee maker, you will notice that the model numbers vary. Some begin with a K, and others begin with a B. The numbers themselves may be identical from one machine to another (e.g. K10 and b10). When you see this, do not be disconcerted.

The machine is exactly the same. The letters are distribution designations.

Sometimes the numbers may even differ slightly, but the machine may still be the same. When making your choice, simply keep in mind that you should pay close attention to the features and not be overly concerned with the model numbers.