Keurig MINI Plus Personal Brewer



If only it brewed beer!


bet these go fast


Our dentist’s office has one of these . . . great little machine. You can buy their ready-made coffee packs, or get a reusable filter to use regular ground coffee in it. Great if you only want to make one cup of coffee at a time. Always fresh!


that was quick


I hate all the garbage these little guys generate. Who started this trend? As if regular coffee pots are so difficult.

#7 makes refills for the little cups. So you dont have to throw them out so often. They probably get gross after a while though. But Talk N’ Coffee is literally the best coffee I have ever had in my entire life.


You can get a reusable filter for them that works good


Aren’t the refills at talkncoffee just more coffee in yet another individual plastic cup?


how much did this go for?