Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

I have one of these and I like it very much. I stumble half-asleep into my kitchen and poke the “on button”. Pouring milk in the frother and poking a few more buttons and suddenly I have a delicious triple shot caramel latte. I’m not a huge fan of the espresso straight because it’s a little burned, but it’s fairly unobjectionable and still much, much less burned than *$'s espresso.

**If you like the idea of a Keurig/pod machine, but prefer espresso over coffee, this is a great machine for you.

If you are an espresso snob who wants fresh-ground beans daily and has concerns about how many pounds of tamp pressure are applied to the grounds, this machine is not for you.**

Other notes: [list][]With a 20% off coupon, you can get this cheaper at BBB here
]Keurig is very likely phasing these machines out entirely. They were not as popular as expected and it’s nearly impossible to find the pods in stores
[]It’s actually cheapest to buy the pods directly from Keurig (unless you’re a heathen who likes decaf). However, the pods are often out of stock, so buy in bulk when you find one you like.
]Lavaza is the only producer of these pods. There are 4 varieties: intenso (dark), classico (med), delicato (Keurig calls it meadium, but it’s closer to a light roast); decaf (heathens). You better like one of them because there aren’t any other options.[/list]

I had this machine… key word is had. It broke within 6 months, but Keurig customer service replaced it for me-- yay! But then that one stopped working within about 4 months-- again, Keurig replaced it for me! Yay! Then that machine stopped working too and it was out of the warranty period, so Keurig didn’t replace it for me. Boo :(. The customer service rep told me I should throw out the broken machine and she would help me purchase a new one right there on the phone-- how kind…

Well, she also told me that the machine is going to be phased out this year and the pods will stop being produced in 3 years. The good news is, your machine won’t be working any more by then… so you won’t need pods for it!

Its a nice machine, does a fast job at making coffee shop drinks. There isn’t a lot of selection in type of coffee. I decided to stop the Keurig cycle of replacing broken machines and got a Breville. Haven’t looked back.

Bought this from woot last week. Am enjoying having lattes at home, BUT had a heck of a time finding pods for it!!! Most websites say out of stock. No local businesses (Bed Bath&Beyond, Target, Walmart, Kroger, etc) stock them in store. Finally ordered some through amazon - but their stock was limited and much more expensive than prices listed on Kurig website.

Wish I could say I was happy with the purchase, but if there are no pods, this machine is useless :frowning:

Machine discontinued 2016. Difficult finding pods. Keurig made an agreement to have the pods manufactured for an additional 3 years. If you don’t mind trolling on-line for pods that cost a fortune.
Not able to find pods locally. Sent mine back. It shouldn’t be that hard.

Do you people realize you spend like $40 a pound for coffee when you use k-cups? Never mind the fact that since plastic is porous, when you get the coffee, it’s stale as can be. Also, they are BPA free, but chemicals from the plastic leach into the coffee, which acts in your body like estrogen. So ladies, enjoy your fat thighs and men, enjoy your man boobs, which are just some of the detrimental effects of too much estrogen in the body.
Do you have any idea what an environmental impact they have? String the pods thrown away every year together, they would circle the earth over TEN TIMES. Also, the aluminum top is a major pollutant as well. Although I’m sure some do, I’m also sure most people dont take the time to disassemble them to be able to recycle them.

Something tells me your review has absolutely nothing to do with the machine and your inaccurate political views on the matter. I’m surprised you could stop hugging your tree long enough to type that message.

What pittance we shall make for you when the earth is torn asunder derelict and dysfunctional. Politics are irrelevant mad hatter.