Keurig Vue® V700 Brewing System

Keurig Vue? V700 Brewing System
Price: $134.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard* or $17 Two-Day or *$21 One-Day
Condition: New

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$149.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond

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Keurig Vue 700 Coffee Machine
Price: $134.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $17 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day
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Condition: New


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The V500 is cheaper and essentially the same machine. Here is a breakdown of the differences, from an Amazon review:

“Functionally they work exactly the same. The differences are: The size of the water reservoir, the V700 holds 74 ounces while the V500 holds 60 ounces. The touch screen on the V700 is color while the V500’s is black and white. The V500 offers all the same cup sizes as the V700 except one, it doesn’t do the 18 ounce travel mug size. The V700 has storage for the power cord, the V500 does not. Aesthetically, the V700 has more silver accents on it while the V500 is mainly black. Last, the V700 comes with a free 10 Vue cup variety pack and the V500 comes with an 8 pack.”

From personal experience, Keurig has an excellent warranty. My brewer busted (after the warranty expired), and they sent me a new one, no questions asked.

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Read and watch this “very good” review over at cnet


Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at


So, does the general Wooting public know that their K-cups won’t work with this machine?

I own a V600 and I like it quite a bit. Just be forewarned that Vue packs are a LOT harder to find than K-cups are. I usually end up having to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to get them.

Thanks for pointing it out.

We’ve pinged staff to include the addition of “Vue cups” in the Specs for today’s sale. We should have word later this morning.

As a clarification, I’ve also linked the Kerig Website with their formal statement:

“Remember, K-Cup® packs are not compatible with the Vue® Brewer.”

Keurig’s patents on the orginal k-cup design expired September 2012, so they came up with this and a new “pod” to reboot the lock-in and royalty cycle.

So the question is, does the resulting cup of coffee warrant the lock-in and expense? Only you can be the judge.

If I had already owned a K-cup brewer with a reservoir, I would not have bought the Vue brewer. The Vue packs are more expensive and harder to come by.

Their marketing on Vue packs is that they’re more “green”. You can peel off the top, and the filter/contents goes with it. Then you’re supposed to recycle the plastic cup.

I personally like that you can choose your brew size and temperature. I also like the 2-step drinks, like the cappuccino - it has a milk frother pack and a coffee pack. The only problem is that it’s about $12/box and you only get 8 complete cups out of each box.

I haven’t gotten one yet since I just found out about it’s existence a few days ago, but you can actually use k-cups in a Vue machine like this if you get the “Solofill V2” adapter for it. They’re available at Amazon and Kohls and probably other places as well. It adds $20 to the investment but at least you get more options. Too bad Keurig didn’t make it backwards compatible. I understand that they want to lock people in to the newly patented Vue cups but I still don’t like it.

Regardless of their imagined motives, this is the best single serve coffee maker that i have owned and i have owned them all!
The vue cups are competitive if you purchase them from keurig on subscription or BBB w/coupon. Also the new Solofill V2 is basically a k-cup adapter for the vue and works flawlessly.
Even if one just bought this v700 and the solofill v2 and used k-cups exclusively the coffee is better than from the keurig machine sold at costco and so far more reliable.

Okay, well, someone is probably going to say it eventually. May as well be me.

The photo says “Cup not included.” So does that mean that the girl is? If so, I’ll go in for three!

The coffee maker is great. It’s better then the k-cup variety as the portions are larger and so are much better suited for travel mugs. In addition, with the Solofill V2 you can use your own coffee to make a great cup of coffee. I’ve found with the older model k-cup machines, that they pack size was not large enough to hold enough coffee. The Vue portion packs hold twice the size.

Though this isn’t a good deal as you can get it for $120 w/ a free carousel from BBB with their widely distributed coupons.

Decent machine…the price, not so much. Walmart is selling it for $139.99. For those of you not good in math, that’s this price plus Woot’s $5 shipping.

All the reviews I read on BB&B on the Solofill V2 state the cup leaves a residue of grounds in the bottom of the cup. One review said they spoke to a Keurig rep and she stated that Keurig hasn’t come out with a refillable cup yet because they haven’t gotten the design right yet.

So… It doesn’t use K-cups, the K-cup patent has expired so Keurig isn’t going to make them anymore (other mfgs will I’m sure), and the refillable jobbie at BB&B leaves a residue of grounds in the bottom of your coffee cup the more you use it. While I’d really like to woot this, I’m hesitant. I’m a 3-cup a day Yeti (BEFORE I leave for work) and having to buy new Vue cups only available at places like BB&B or online is a bit restrictive. Think I’ll stick with the old 12-cup Mr. Coffee for now. Our relationship, while very old-school, is a comfortable (inexpensive) and happy one.

I bought the V700 a while back and love it. I hated my old Keurig, as the coffee was always blah and weak. I love this since it has the Strong Feature that slows the pump; and the V-Cups allow the coffee to steep in the cup before it goes into my cup. I bought the refillable cup from the BBB Chain, and it doesn’t leave full grinds, but basically the powder of the grinds on the bottom. It just coats the bottom of the cup. It doesn’t bother me at all. I either rinse it out, or just swirl the cup and drink it. I like the new machine, and recommend. That is my 2 cents.