Keurig Vue® V700 Brewing System

I have an older Keurig (pre-vue) but was the top of the line at time of purchase. Absolutely love this coffee machine. They stand behind their products as well…

Purchased from BB&B, started to fail. Called, and after some diagnostics, Keurig sent me a brand new machine. A few weeks later, it began to have pump issues. Called again, and they sent another one. Ironically, before the 3rd one came, the pump issues mysteriously vanished and it has been working great for 2 years, and now I have a backup!

Happy with this and would purchase again.

That’s good to know! My parents threw one away (bad pump) without checking (it was out of warranty) and our 2? year old unit is starting to not want to do certain sizes on random mornings.

We also love trading k-kups with friends and family. Quite a few have one, so when they get new orders in we all swap things around.

It’s then fun to have a huge variety when company comes over.

Now… the only down side, its expensive per cup if you need to brew a whole pot or multiple pots for a group of people…so for that, this isn’t your coffeemaker.

That is what I do. I open the Kcup and put it in the solofill. Also I have found that ordering the Vcups at the Keurig website is cheaper.

She is, but you get the dude in the background too.

As long as he JUST “hangs out in the background” is all then whatevs…

wish I could add it to my cart…press “add to cart” and get nothin’

Typo alert:

FACT: Hot coffee served cold is just as bad as cold coffee served hot. You need a device that can help you created both!

Sorry to be that girl. It’s what I do. :-/

41% off lol. This thing is 149.00 everywhere including directly from Keurig. Quit making prices up woot.

Also good luck finding Vue cups in grocery stores. You have to go to BB&B or Target or Amazon pretty much. I’m on my 2nd one of these piles of crap.

I can’t believe that people pay this much money for a terrible cup of coffee!

not only is the overpriced maker a waste, the “k-cups” are terrible coffee and way overpriced.

Owning one of these things really tells the world how lazy you really are.

Yet another inflated list price at Woot. This machine sells for $150 plus free shipping on the Keurig homepage. $135 +$5 shipping is a mediocre deal, at best. The V1255 Professional Brewing System is what sells for $230. Don’t ever trust the list prices here.

Can we stop pretending that anyone actually reads the MSRP and takes it seriously? All this hostility towards woot is unfounded.

LOL right there in black it says Woots best attempt to find the full price online. They really tried hard there, because all you have to do is google it to see it’s 149.99 everywhere. they are just trying to make it seem like a steal when it’s barely 10.00 savings.

I agree. I just got this in October, bought the solofill V2 cup, and the residue does not bother me. It is easy not to drink, and it rinses out easily to be ready for next cup of coffee. I always use the strong feature, so the coffee does not taste watered down.

Lol- it’s sad that the second I saw this woot, my mind went the the exact same place (I could care less about the Keurig). And my second thought was “I wonder if anyone has made a comment about the girl in the photo”. She’s a cutie!

When I first read your post, I thought you were going to make a joke to the tune of “Well, I don’t care for the K-cups, but I do like the A-cups!”

I’ve turned in a ticket to get this looked at.

If you are having trouble ordering, this info would be helpful:

Exactly what’s happening (can’t click “I want one”; can’t click “Add to Cart”; can’t click “Place Your Order,” etc)

That would help us pin down the problem.

Newegg has this brewer on sale for a much better price all the time. I’m not sure where they are getting that MSRP from.

They’re BOTH included, there’s two people in the photo. Not such a great deal now, eh?

It will work with K cups if you buy the little cup that lets you use your own ground coffee.

How is the coffee “better”? The Costco machine has 5 selectable sizes of cups and selectable temperatures up to and including 195 degrees.

My first machine finally stopped working. I returned it to Costco and got another one, no questions asked.