Kevin Dundon Goodies

Man, if I had a nickel for every time Woot casually name-dropped someone nobody has ever heard of, and acted like we’re all supposed to swoon… I’d have an awful lot of nickels. Woot is like the obnoxious hipster at the party talking about some band that plays in an alley off 114th Street and Lex, the third Monday of every other month, and feigning shock that nobody else has been to see them. Pleather shoes from some exotic-sounding designer you’ve never actually heard of. Horrible lamps from a company with a French name. Or, in this case, appliances hawked by (according to Wikipedia) an “Irish celebrity chef”. As if Irish chefs were even a real thing. “Oh, you know, he’s that bloke with that show on RTÉ One. It’s my favorite. What, you don’t watch that channel? You don’t even GET that channel, because this is America? God, I’m surrounded by Philistines.”

“$55 for an electric hotplate? That seems a bit steep.”

“Yes, but this is a KEVIN DUNDON hotplate.”


“Surely you would. Who wouldn’t? That’s the price they normally sell for, and only a fool would question it. But fear not, because despite Kevin Dundon’s domination of the world hotplate market, and his international renown for impeccable craftsmanship, Woot has somehow managed to negotiate an 82% discount for you. All the legendary Kevin Dundon quality you’ve been hearing about all your life, but at a fraction of the cost. You’re welcome!”

Bought some 8 & 10" white ‘non-stick’ pans last time. Total waste of money. One arrived gouged out, and the other was non-stick for maybe 48 hours. Worst pans I’ve ever wasted money on.

I grabbed a Kevin Dundon knife set on a woot off a little over a year ago, if I remember correctly, and I’ve been nothing but happy with it. However, I don’t know where the MSRP of $129.00 for the Personal Burger Maker came from, as Groupon has a deal on them for $12.99 ($7 cheaper) and they have the MSRP listed as $60.


“Dundon! Dundon Dundon! Dundon! Dundon Dundon done! That’s the love theme from “Empire Strikes Back.””

Sounds more like the theme from “Jaws”.

Wonder why nobody buys it?