Kevin Dundon Kitchen Madness

Are these pots suitable for use on an induction burner?

Also “hand wash only” HA Ha hahahaha!

No lid with the 12" pan right…???

If it’s aluminum only, no. I see some features say if it’s induction ready.

If you have a specific set that doesn’t say, point me in that direction.

Where does it say hand wash only?
I mean if you can put it in the oven up to 350 F, shouldn’t it be able to withstand the rigorous rigors (not so much) of a dishwasher?

Also, it does say “Induction ready”.

There are two different types of cookware being offered here. The sets are stainless steel and the individual cookware items are aluminum with Teflon interiors.

All three aluminum saucepans and the skillet say under “Features”:

“Nonstick Teflon Coating
Brushed Aluminum 3.0mm Thickness
Tempered Glass Lid
Stay Cool Double Riveted Long Handles
Hand Wash Only”

Just because it can stand 350° in the oven does not mean it will survive the dishwasher. When washed in a dishwasher, aluminum cookware can react and darken due to mineral content in the water, chemicals in the detergent or high heat from the dryer. While it won’t hurt the usability of the cookware, they really do look ugly. That’s why they tell you not to do it.

You can’t use the aluminum cookware on induction surface.

The stainless steel sets are induction ready and while they can go in the dishwasher I still hand wash my stainless steel cookware.

Skillets seldom come with lids.

As evidenced by the Anolon sale next door, skillets often do come with lids.