Keyless Entry Deadbolt and Knobset

It talks about a keypad in the description but doesnt show one in the product image.

I would like to see the keypad also

After going to the MiLocks website it has both keypad and non-keypad models. The images show the non-keypad model. Does it come with a keypad? Or is it the remote control model?

Also wondering about the keypad. If it is the keypad model I want to buy 2 of them. If not I don’t want it at all… :frowning:

The photos are correct so there is no keypad. Features are being updated.

Sorry about the confusion!

Any idea what the interior door side of these look like? Do the knobs have a lock on them too? Does the interior side part of the deadbolt have a keyhole, latch or something else?

Does this ALSO come with keys, or is it strictly keyless? How many remotes?

I didn’t see this info in specs.

Looks like that info is in the linked specifications. Includes 2 keys and 1 remote.

The knobs do not have a lock.
The deadbolt is a lever.

Are addl remotes available ? Do we have to contact manufacturer?

That would be the best place to start, I reckon. I don’t see them on their site so you may have to email them.