Keypad Entry Door Knob

Bought two. Eh…they work and the install was easy, but I hate to replace all (4 each) of the batteries after about 6 weeks. Get one of those large battery blocks with it.

This states “Works great for interior Doors” is this a viable option for exterior doors? Will the longer top section with the keypad obstruct a deadbolt?

Your batteries should be lasting alot longer than 6 weeks. I have had mine for close to a year on the same set of batteries and I use the keypad about 3-5 times a day.

Give tech support a call(1-800-355-0157), maybe they can help you pin point the issue and provide a replacement if necessary, 6 weeks battery life is not normal.

Yes, many customers buy this for their exterior doors as well, but a keyless touchpad deadbolt is the recommended option for an exterior door.

On an exterior door, you will need at least 7" of space above the knob for the the longer top section to fit below a deadbolt.

I bought one last year and it frequently sticks which is an absolute nightmare scenario. I ripped my pants climbing in through a fire escape window. I am very disappointed with the construction and would not consider buying another.

If you want this to co-exist with a standard spaced deadbolt, just install this one upside down.

Sorry to be “that guy” but… this isn’t “home automation”. It doesn’t do anything automated. Does it work with Z-Wave or something? What am I missing?

Agreed - sticks and will try to have a replacement sent. If that fails - will seek refund!