KeySmart Pro, Key Organizer with Tile Smart Location

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KeySmart Pro, Key Organizer with Tile Smart Location
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Typical key minimalist = $24
Typical key GPS = $20

Total = $40.

I’d say this is a good deal to have both in a snug package for any minimalist who loses their keys and only has 10 keys. For people who actually need this, such as my Fiancé…. good luck convincing them to use it.

Downside: It’s plastic, and some keys simply don’t have a big enough hole to fit through the pins that are supposed to hold them in place. The only solution for this is to take a drill and shape the key hole to a larger portion. Flashlight is garbage. Most people have keyfobs so there is simply no solution for that but this is a great way to find that key when you lose it. No way to check fob battery charger. It’s THIIIICCCCCC.

Goodside: It’s larger than the original so those bigger keys will finally fix. Keyfinder works and it works well. Charge lasts about 3 months.

In the end it’s a solution for an everyday problem but for me, when I lose my phone I typically lose my keys in the same spot. That spot is usually a laundry basket in the basement.

I bought one of these and I love it, it works perfectly for me (I actually don’t have enough keys that I regularly carry to fill it up, so I had to use the spacers).

It’s pretty durable, I dropped it once onto rough concrete and it had a bit of a scratch but nothing too crazy.

Of note, you do have to remember to charge it every so often. Since it has the flashlight (or maybe the odd form factor?) it doesn’t work like a traditional tile that has a battery that lasts the life of the item. It works for me because it’s the same charger as my wireless mouse at work, so I just try to plug it in every so often.

3 months is the average battery life with a full charge if that helps. :slight_smile:

I bought one of these for a set of keys a rarely use but don’t wanna loose. It’s nice to be able to recharge the tile instead of buying a new one constantly

Does the rechargeable battery apply to the Tile as well? I had a set of Tiles a few years ago, but their batteries couldn’t be replaced. They lasted about a year and then had to be tossed.

Ditto…THIS TILE IS RECHARGEABLE…unlike a normal tile. I find that immensely valuable.

And IMHO, the best use of a KeySmart organizer is to stow away all the keys that you don’t frequently use, but still keep on your keychain. Keep the one or two keys that you do use frequently on the keyring itself. That saves you the trouble of flipping keys out of the KeySmart all the time.

Great tip.

Keysmart is an awful idea masquerading as a good idea.

Sure, your keys look nicely organized. But what you wind up with is this heavy object moving around in your pocket instead of how keys normally distribute.

Accessing your key is a pain in the ass, extracting and rotating it. Then the simply act of turning it in the lock is more difficult because you have this large rigid object you have to rotate now.

And it utterly sucks at handling any sort of irregularly shaped key.

The only good thing that came out of my trying out a keysmart - which now lays pathetically in my drawer - is that I split up my keys into two rings. Oh, and their little bottle opener was slick, I still use that.

Looks like the standard price is $59.99, not $64.99.

I find that super shocking that you liked the bottle opener but disliked the KeySmart. The bottle opener takes longer to open a bottle than just opening it with another bottle.

I have the metal KeySmart that I bought years ago and it still works in great condition. The only issue I had was removing the keys when I was moving apartments because it was a pain to unscrewed it, but with patience, this item is worth it.

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