Keyton Portable Ice Maker - 26 lb.

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Keyton Portable Ice Maker - 26 lb.
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I haven’t had this particular brand, but I have had several similar name-brand units.

They all have the same things in common. They make small ice “cubes”, that are hollow and melt very quickly (so your beverage gets more watered down than chilled).

I don’t have this model, but I do have a portable ice machine. We don’t have an ice machine at work and it gets really hot in the printing plant in the summertime!

If you need ice and don’t want to wait an hour for the freezer to make some, this is a great little device. The one caveat is that once the ice is made, you HAVE to remove it from the basket, as it will melt back into the fill bin below the basket. The bin does not keep it cold, it just holds it until you remove it. I would take the ice mine made and put it into a gallon ziplock in the freezer until we needed it. It would take about 90 minutes or so to fill the gallon bag. (Mine makes 24lbs in 24 hours, not 26.)

These are great for RVs, small offices, and anywhere else where you don’t have a freezer or a place to store a whole bag of purchased ice. I like it!


PS: I use mine for ice water or tea, not really for anything else. It makes bullet-shaped ice.

I sort of feeling like I am trolling now but I have to ask:

What good is a “Portable Ice Maker” that requires you to bring Portable Potable water and Portable Power to make it work?

And don’t miss the fact the ice basket can ONLY store up to 1.5 lbs. of Ice at a rate of 9 cubes every 15-20 minutes.

The Seven Reviews on Amazon seem to be legit.

One legit use is being on your boat out to sea for awhile, tiny freezer, used all my good ice to keep fish fresh and need ice for drinks and food that won’t fit in the fridge. Guess I should just get a bigger boat. :passenger_ship:

I’ve heard portable ice makers are the cats meow for anyone with an RV (Hey! That’s me!).

I have all the water I need, endless electricity, a bunch of coolers - and no ice. These will make enough ice to keep your coolers full.

Now the actual question - the price isn’t all that great considering I can get an igloo or other known name brand (proven brand) for about the same price. Wonder how this one compares? Really want an ice maker - but at this price, I’m not sure I’m a buyer. $75? I’d buy 2!

Or, 90$ every day at Sams. NOT A DEAL.

Could you send me a screen shot of that offer?

I can’t view Sams Club listings because I’m not a member :frowning:

You don’t need to be a member to see the prices. Two colors now out of stock on-line but they do have them in the stores. They are Igloo branded, just left there.

Oh, that’s right. It’s Costco that I can’t see anything on. Thanks for your help!

You can see prices for Costco too.

Walmart has them for $95+ Free Shipping

And, essentially the same item (branded Insignia) is less at BestBuy for $107 - free shipping.

Probably should give everyone a $30 refund.

Hey there!

The Keyton for sale on Woot is Stainless Steel, the WM unit is plastic.

Please read some of the 1 star reviews

Keyton went ahead and fixed those issues and upgraded the units components,hence the higher price point. Buy a Keyton and it will last you for many years!

Since I’m logged on from an Amazon server, I actually can’t. It’s super inconvenient.

The Sam’s Club units are stainless steel for $89.

And your justifications are "we sold you all junk before, but now China makes them better, so we can gouge you if you don’t protest so much?

Lol, “What difference now does it make!?”

That answers so many questions as woot used to have servers in MO. and TX.

You are now using AWS

I don’t know what everyone else uses, but since I work in the Seattle office I use the Amazon network for emails and such.