Keyton Portable Ice Maker - 26 lb.

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Keyton Portable Ice Maker - 26 lb.
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I purchased this as a gift just before Thanksgiving and we’ve used it once. It’s very simple to use. You need to start a couple hours before you need the ice. It takes a while to get going, and for the cubes to get up to full size. It’s quiet. Says it works best at a cold 50F room temp, but did all right at 70F. Very happy with it, would definitely buy it again. (Can’t use tap water for ice cubes, no ice maker built-in, trays take too long and “someone” forgets and uses tap water, then the cubes have to get thrown out. This is the perfect solution!)

Very cool item. I have been in need of a “portable ice maker”, as I am in very frequent need of “portable ice”.

It is difficult to use non-portable ice in a lunch box which you need to take with you.

This is 89$ at Sams and I think I saw it on sale at Walmart a few days ago for 75$. I have one (from Sams) and it is totally worth it for you ice hogs.