Kichler Lighting 10579 1-Bulb Xenon 12V/18W Cabinet Strip/Bar Light

Xenon? Isn’t it 2017 already, where LEDs are the norm?

Can’t seem to find it on Amazon.

Does this include a transformer?

Is this corded or battery operated?

Clearly says “Direct Wire Low Voltage Xenon”

We (still) have these from a past kitchen remodel. Assuming they haven’t changed anything, we were very disappointed in them. Over the course of a few months after installation to a couple years later, every single transformer built into the lights failed. At the price point we paid for these back-when, we were more than a little PO’d. Our local lighting design center gave us grief, blaming us, which only added to the frustration, and replaced just one unit under warranty.

At least I was able to find replacement transformers on the mothership for cheap, and since they have all been swapped out we’ve had no problems.

tldr; Buyer beware

My thoughts exactly

But, the heat generated by these could be useful in the Winter.

We put five of these in our kitchen during a remodel in 2004. We have 4 bulb, 3 bulb 2 bulb and couple of these single bulb units. They are all tied to a single switch. We have never had any issues with them. They run reasonably cool. Have not had to replace any bulbs yet.