Kid going to College - What do I buy

Should be listed on school’s website under housing. It used to be that Twin XL was standard but some schools are getting competitive by offering full/double beds

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A decorative vase filled to the brim with condoms.

Or maybe a couple power strips (if allowed) and a basic tool kit for assembling stuff.


@ThunderThighs the swiffer is a great idea, tool kit too, she isn’t going out of state, but 4 hours away, so we may do the storage locker, doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to load up the car for long drives back and forth. Plus, if I rent it a few weeks early, then we can get the right storage containers and have them set up and marked and ready to go.

How did you use the vacuum bags? Is she supposed to have a big vacuum?

Has anyone seen the show Madame Secretary? She always insisted her kids take a wet/dry handheld and each time her next kid was old enough, she was thrilled how they had advanced in technology from the last kid (cordless, etc)

Update: the kid got a full scholarship, I may not have to shop on Woot anymore to save money lol - but I still will


Congrats! That is fantastic! That is a tremendous relief, I am sure.

holy toledo, that’s great!

Congratulations to her, and to you, and anybody else that helped her!

Take a deep breath and relax a bit. I’m sure she will give you more things about which to worry, but you deserve a break for now.

Do reserve your storage early. Depending on where you’re at, consider climate controlled. He was in GA so that was important.

We got him a small vac that had a hose to have around. His floors were wood and he wanted an area rug so that let him keep things clean.

Those vacuum bags are a life saver. I have a pic somewhere of the car loaded up. It compressed the bedding (comforters, pillows, blankets) down to a few inches. And kept them fresh and ready to use come fall.

And congrats to the kiddo on the scholarship!

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Years ago I gave my daughter a Swiss army knife when she went to college. This week she dismantled her refrigerator (not with the Swiss army knife) to fix a defrost drain problem. She, not her husband, assembled their gas grill, IKEA furniture, etc. So I suggest a Swiss army knife or a good quality multi-tool.

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do you think if you had given her a small set of regular tools rather than a swiss army knife lo those many moons ago, she would not be as handy as she is now?

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I’ve shared this before, but I’ll do so again.

(Somewhat unrelated, I know.)


She probably would be just as handy, true. But there’s just something about a Swiss army knife (a real one, not one of the cheap knock-offs)… the design, the quality, and the fact that “this is the one that daddy gave me”. She still has it.

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the real little one that is sold everywhere is too little. Plus I lost the little tweezers.

I did love the “tinker” model. I stopped carrying it when they wouldn’t let me carry it onna plane. plus I think I lost the little tweezers on that one too.

there’s just something about a real screwdriver, though. and pliers … and wrenches. and whaling away with a hammer. the victorinox does some stuff inna pinch, but the rite tool does it so much better.