I suppose these are OK if you insist on burdening your children’s feet with shoes. Much better to leave your children’s (and your own, for that matter) feet bare, as nature intended. All that money you save not buying shoes can be spent on many other fine Woots!

I’m sure my daughters teachers would be very appreciative of your advice when she shows up at 1st grade barefoot. I know restaurants, grocery stores and other fine establishments would be happy for your bare feet too. As for my kid, she goes barefoot at home almost exclusively, including around our yard, but seriously? You and your kids never wear shoes?

On the more helpful side, Umi shoes are very well made with good support and cushion. This is a good price for them and perfect timing for back to school (a coincidence I’m sure). A pair of Umi sandals have been my daughters favorite so far all summer. I’m in for the silver mary janes and the gladiator sandals, since playing on a bark-chip playground barefoot might be a little ouchie.

You might be surprised. Most really don’t care. Why should they? It’s a common myth that it is a health code violation. That’s actually not true. And besides, I’ll bet my feet are cleaner and get washed more frequently than your shoes.

There are thousands of people and entire families (and yes, I’m talking about modern society in the developed world) who choose to live a barefoot lifestyle. You might take a look at The Society For Barefoot Living for more information.

FYI, these arrived and are super cute, but the size listed on the plastic cover is wrong and the size of the shoes inside are different (plastic packaging says size 7/8, inside is size 5/6). My 2yo daughter loved the look of them and loves Scooby but they will never fit. For little shoes that cost 3.99 I am unsure yet if it is worth going through the hassle of a return, but thought people should know.

Sorry for the problem. Please email and they’ll give you some options.