Kids Stuff That Can Fly

These airliner models look like the kind of thing you’d see on an airline exec’s desk . . . not in a kid’s room. F-22? Yes. 737? No.

Re: that helicopter.

Although IR is indeed IN the radio-light spectrum, this is NOT a radio controlled toy.

Check the “features” page. It’s listed as “radio control.” It’s NOT!

It’s also sold out! Bummer!


The only toy on this page that can fly is the RC helicopter. Every other item on this page is incapable of flight.

Given a large enough degree of force, nearly everything is capable of flight.

So can these stickers come off these models so someone can create forged checks?


You win the Internets today.

FYI regarding the “die-cast” planes - the body is metal and the wings are plastic.

Bought these last time - waste of money, IMO.

I did quite a bit of travelling in 2012 and my kids always wanted me to bring something back for them. I ended up buying most of the smaller die-cast jets in this sale for them at the airports - I only wish it had been at the Woot price. My son absolutely loves them and played with them excessively over the last year. He usually has one of the United jets landing beside the F-22 on the aircraft carrier. :slight_smile:

I’m considering ordering one of the larger models for him, but I really can’t decide which to get.

Almost every toy airplane these days has plastic wings. If I had to guess I’d say it’s some sort of safety regulations. It makes me wish for my old die cast airplanes - the whole dang thing was metal back then.

Skymarks models are all solid plastic mould injected planes with plastic wings. They make good toys for 5-10 year old kids to remember something they’ve flown on or seen at the airport. Manufacturers such as Gemini Jets, Inflight200, Avaition200, Phoenix Models & JC Wings all make models of similar size that are fully diecast and are more detailed, however expect to note the price increase as well. Not a deal for the planes, you can easily find them around for a couple dollars more if not the same price at multiple retailers.

I understand, but it’s shady to not even mention that in the description and make it sound like the entire thing is metal; this would have been a bit more accurate:

“Add this authentic die cast metal and plastic plane to your collection”

It also clearly states the fuselage is plastic, then also states “•All parts are made of durable plastics”