KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector – 2 Pack


Ahhhh…back to school. That means a lot of late nights, and more WOOTING!, here I come!

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64 WOOT!s and counting! Jealous?

I wasn’t going to buy, but then I saw that it includes TRI-LINGUAL instructions!

Thanks, WOOT!

Oh, FYI, Woot! was issued their trademark! Congrats!

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KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector – 2 Pack
$14.99 + $5 shipping
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product(s): 2 KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector


I think i’d set my house on fire just to try the custom voice recording feature out


i will record, as softly and gently and soothingly as possible, “Son, your Nintendo is on fire.” Believe me, it will wake up all the boys within a two-mile radius, including yours.


At first glance I thought these were to tell if your kids have been smoking… ah well…



MSN Shopping’s best price is not close to woot… but check it out anyways.

BizRate’s best price is from… they have it from other stores too, but this is the best one.

Peep the manufacturer’s page… for more info.


I can see it now - parents imitating Amityville saying “Get OUT!!!” lol!

But seriously, I can’t wake my kids up in the morning with my voice - I think a loud buzzer is much better in an emergency. Have to pass on this one…


these are cool, I bought one back in march on clearance at radio shack for $9.99, so this is a very good deal.


Are children not able to hear loud beeping?


These work great if you actually have a child that listens to you!


The real challenge would be to see if you could get them to do the whole “who’s on first” routine…

Or maybe Dueling Banjos… Squeal like a pig…


Does it tell you in a sexy female voice “you look good running for your life as your house burns down”


YOU… HAVE GOT… TO BE KIDDING ME! This is a WOOT outrage!! Not only is this a stupid product, but woot expects us to believe that small children won’t be woken up by a piercing shreiking smoke alarm, but soothing parental voices will jolt them out of bed???


The best way to get the kid out of the house is to record “ICE CREAM MAN! ICE CREAM MAN IS HERE!” and that’ll get the kid outside. Unless there was some… upleasantness, shall we say, with the ice cream man.


Heh, while maybe the familiar voice could wake them up, usually you would think then the kid would then ignore and defy the smoke detector


Well, this deal is HOT. You might say it’s smokin’ …

Sorry, someone had to say it.


The podcast is awesome today