KidsWifi Dual-Band WiFi Online Protection

KidsWifi Dual-Band WiFi Online Protection

So if the kids get blocked there is nothing preventing them from using the regular WiFi or ‘borrowing’ a neighbor wifi that they socially engineered a password for…

Also openDNS offers free filtering, other companies probably do too.

I think this is for the age before they understand about hacking WiFi.


Picture appears to be of the original KidsWifi, not the v2 which the copy indicates is what is for sale. Can we get clarification on which is actually the item being sold?
KidsWiFi FAQ - why do some devices look different?

Hello. Our child’s Kindle Fire tablet (kids version) does not have a YouTube Kids app. (which prevents ads from showing) Will this filter/block ads in youtube videos? If so, will there be a blank screen during the normal ad space or will it just skip it?
Same goes for the Youtube app on the Roku in her room. It would sure be nice if it blocked ads on her youtube videos played through the Roku.

Guess you would have to not have a data plan on their phone and/or just make sure they’re connected to the wifi while at home.

From the reviews, it seems like a lot of people like it, but the most recent reviews are complaining about not being able to connect to it and/or get it to work.

@jonnykelly We’re selling the V2. They’re looking at updating the photo now.

@bsmith1 I don’t see anything about ads on their site, just videos.

Just the best of the 'Net

KidsWifi can filter adult and mature content, social networks, gambling, illegal downloads, ads, identity trackers and more. Even Google searches and YouTube videos can be filtered.

Google’s response: Ads in YouTube Kids - YouTube Kids Parental Guide

CNet’s suggestions: How to make YouTube Kids safer for your children - CNET

Does this extend the range of Wifi in your home? I have trouble getting a signal to the far corners of the house, and the kids rooms is included in this. If it acts as a relay of sorts for the wifi, then I’d absolutely buy one.

Your best bet might be installing the Google Play store and getting the Youtube Kids app that way.

It’s not terribly tricky and there are plenty of guides out there. I did it to install some apps/games that weren’t in the Amazon app store.

I had tried that shortly after getting the kids fire tablet. It installed and seem to take my google account info, but nothing in the google play app would ever load.

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If you are fine giving out the Wifi Password to your kids then no this isn’t going to stop anything. I think the point of this device is that most people who buy such an item are going to go to the trouble of changing their regular WiFi passwords too. As for neighbors that have open networks, I imagine most would be fine added a password if asked. Especially if you explain to them that one day the FBI might want to have a conversation with them if anything nefarious come from their IP Address. Yes there are other more sophisticated solutions but this product is aimed at the average person who has concerns about what their kids may do online but not the technical accumen to do it themselves. For 18 bucks it’s hard to find fault with the deal. A decently specked router that lets me view what my kids are doing online and control some of their access.