KidsWifi Dual-Band WiFi Online Protection

KidsWifi Dual-Band WiFi Online Protection

It’s range is incredibly short… like crazy short.
I hooked it up with an RJ45 cable to be close to my kids, and to reduce wi-fi overhead.
Even then, range… maybe 20ft at best. Even with strong signal strength, their throughput went from 145Mbps, to 15Mbps.

Parental control was minimal also.

I’d suggest looking at your home router for better control. My ASUS router (running merlin firmware) was easy to setup and put some protection in.
Also, set your kids up on a Microsoft account… you can see quite a bit, and restrict content and screen time very easily.

My $.02


I use Circle with our boys. Works great, and for $5 a month (up to 10 devices) you can extend protection to their smartphones. No recurring charges if you just want home network protection.

Please don’t think this will keep your kids away from content they want to access, unless they’re very small or very slow.

They can easily set up a free VPN while not connected to this network and use it when they are. Among other options. Googling ‘bypass KidsWifi’ is easier for them than for you–and yes, that’s safe-search-friendly.

FYI: it’s 2019, not 2018. Wake up Steve!

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