Kikos Colombian Coffee, 2 Pack

Kikos Colombian Coffee, 2 Pack

not worth it; kiko’s website has better deal(s).

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Truth. On kikos website, buy two 16oz get one free with gratis shipping comes to $12.66 a bag. Woots deal is $14.50 a bag. As long as you’re willing to invest in a lot of coffee, kikos does indeed have the better deal.

I just checked, but the promotion that you mention in Kikos website expired. The coffee has great reviews. I will give it a try here.

I don’t see the promotion you talk about. It seems a great deal here! Each lb is $18.99 in Kikos website. I just checked.

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they just took out the promotion! buyers beware, it will likely come back on kikos.

here is the cached version of kikos website showing the (now terminated) promotion:

So i went to website and didn’t see this offer so I bought thru woot
Thanks for the offer by the way I’ve had this coffee before and for what it is it’s a really good deal I stop buying coffee and now I brew my own at home ! 5of 5

Great Coffee , kikos Coffee is by far better than any other gourmet coffee… I have bought the medium and dark roast for my customers and family! Everyone loves it!!


New price $21.99.

Hey all. We were able to wrangle a better price so we’re sharing the savings with you.

Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.

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Thanks, I’ll bite.

Kikos coffee is amazing. As a coffee lover- my coffee choice and brand is extremely important. Ive tried various brands and once I found Kikos coffee, came back again and again. Im a consistent buyer- and purchased through this website because the price was great! Please keep these amazing promotions going!

The price through this website gave a great deal!

I’m in!