Kilian Fashion Sneakers Lightweight Trainers

Wow, a whole $2 off from the mother ship, and more expensive than Wally World once you factor in shipping. (Not that I would ever shop at Walmart.)

Come on, Woot. Seriously.

Not only that, but at checkout my cart tells me they would arrive JULY 31- AUG 3.

That seems excessively long.

Huh, seems there’s a big difference between 83 and 3 days. Fixed that problem at least.

These run narrow and very small in length…if you wear a 10 order a 12…I had to exchange mine on the mothership twice…ORDER 2 SIZES UP…read reviews on mothership

Where is the size 14?

Like all cheap stuff made in China - it’s always AT LEAST one size too small and sometimes two.