Kill Sauce

Kill Sauce

So this is hot sauce that no one has heard of, no one wants, you have to buy six and it’s twice the price of the stuff you like at the store. This is going to sell so fast!

Agreed. I see the value to the vendor (and wine.woot) of a large purchase, and it’s nice to spread the shipping cost across a few bottles. But who but the most impulsive of buyers would drop $37 on hot sauce that they have never tried?

Really not worth my shopping time to wade through deals like this.

I realize wine.woot is separate. But you gotta work out an agreement with Prime shipping so you can offer smaller quantities more cost-effectively. I bought a single bottle of Bravado Spice hot sauce from Amazon for about $8. That’s a much easier way to sample new products.

It’s a very special hot sauce made with arsenic.