Killer Bees*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.

Wanna buy it later? Click this link!

quite buzzish

Bright yellow? Really?

Little too weird for me… but cool art.

i dont get it…

CUTE! I actually really like this one. But, not sure if I can pull off the yellow. (I don’t remember the yellow looking quite so bright. Maybe they’ve updated their template.)

But, I like the design. Good work artist!

Love the artwork, but yellow just doesn’t look good on me :frowning:

oooo, I love this shirt. killer bees, really cool idea/art

love the shirt, hate the color

I like it… the color: not so much.

Hopefully one day we can pick the color of the shirt. I doubt it though.


Stereotypical, but good concept. Bad design, would have bought something else. I suspect it would have looked like a local rock band shirt if it were any different, though.

Not sure how much I like it, definitely more than a lot of the other shirts we’ve seen in a while. Maybe if it’s not sold out in the morning, I’ll buy it.

Nite Woot!

cool design… great job on artwork who ever did it…

shirt color - blah

yellow just isn’t male safe lol

Hahahaha. I get it. Funny stuff.

same as everyone else
nice design, but colors a little much.

I like it.

I especially like how we can’t say the title on the forums.

Agreed and I love the shirts you’ve bought! Good choices!

awesome design … terrible color

Love the design, but yellow doesnt love me