Killer Bees!

Get your trifocals! It’s time to read fine print!

These guys should go on tour. They would totally kill!

Just buzzing in to see what the shirt of the day is

This is charming, but it reminds me that I missed out on Jublin’s killer bees.

Well I’ll bee damned.

What? No “Norman Beets”? He’s the ultimate killer!

My favorite is Cerbeerus. Three-in-one? That’s just more bee for your buck.

I’d “bee” buzzing to wear such an bee-utiful shirt. (Insert more general and random bee and bee inspired humor, puns, and general failures.)

I suggest this shirt be used on the killer bee ‘census’ in the US (as the killer bees are migrating throughout the country as we speak).

So, when you dress in the morning you could potentially say to yourself, 'To BEE or not to bee…"


This shirt reminds me of that horrible buzzing at the world cup. Vuvuzela and vuvuzela paraphernalia should be banned from Woot!

Bee afraid bee very afraid!

This shirt is fit for a queen.

This shirt is pretty epic… hahaha.

Where’s the Queen Bee? All I see is some harlot in the lower left

It would suck to be the bear caught in that swarm of bees.

I had to squint to make out the some of the lettering. Ultimately I gave up and just admired the bees themselves.

I’m sorry… #8 is Homestar Runner!

Although its still an awesome shirt

No Jason Voorbees!?!? chi-chi-chi-ka-ka-ka-buzzz

Man, a freaking bee can grow more facial hair than me ;__;